2020; The Year We Forgot To Live


Here’s What It Means To “Live”

To live is to be in the moment. To live is to smile at the very little things. To live is to dance in your confined space or dance while walking back from work. To live is to find the little things around the environment to be grateful for. To live is to wear that gorgeous smile on your face a lot more than the frown. To live is to take deep breathes. To live is to have cold or warm baths (whatever works for you) on gloomy days. To live is to forget the sad moments and grab a glass of wine to binge-watch your favorite series.

  • What do I feel like doing right now?
  • What is that one thing or things I would love to do but wouldn’t because of the fear of what everyone would say?
  • Who am I pretending to be really?
  • If I traveled to a new country without anyone staring at me, who would I be?

Just Live and Breathe.

Here’s to a fruitful 2021!

I love to talk and write, and this is my perfect space. Wanna talk? Send a mail- precious.bekha@gmail.com

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