A Look Back at the last 8 Months of 2019 ( Experiences, Decisions+ Lessons)

A bit too late for a review of the last 8 months of 2019? I think not.

Day of the Fair, 1963 by Andrew Wyeth cropped

How crazy that I am finally writing after procrastinating for such a long time.

Truth is, I am a bit unsure where to start from with this review of 2019 because I feel guilty for not writing for so long. But, well I am doing this. Just follow me through.

It’s been a crazy, yet beautiful journey over the last 8 months. Phew…

First, It started with no new year resolutions because I decided I wanted none. I just wanted to experience the joy of living each day in 2019. I only made a list of the goals I wanted to achieve. Nothing more.

A baby girl needs to just live… Isn’t it? Or so I thought…

I have always been an introvert. But not this year. 2019 so far has been the year of doing 50% of the “never ever would I do this” stuff. Yes, If we have been friends for over three years and you’re reading this, I am actually doing a lot of the things I told you I would never be caught doing.

Have I enjoyed trying them out? Oh yes, I have. Not all of them but most of them. Want to judge? Please do… but first, let me share a few of my experiences so far.

This year, I have experienced JOY. The joy of finding God on those days and nights of loneliness, pain, stress, frustration, and sadness. The joy of accomplishing my goals for THE LOVE PROJECT 2019. The joy of turning 27 (a day I would never forget). The joy of completing 100 days of Gratitude. The joy of starting off my podcast channel. The joy of friendships. The joy of giving love a shot. The joy of spreading out my wings freely with no one holding me back. The Eureka moments… Splendid!

I have experienced LOVE. The love of one heart beating towards me. The love of friendships. The love of my parents towards me and my siblings which has been the best gift ever. The love of my friends towards my silly self. The love of my teammates/ colleagues/ friends towards everyone. The love of me to myself and others. Love, how best can I explain it?

I have experienced GROWTH. Over the last few months, I have grown mentally, socially, intellectually, spiritually and psychologically. I have experienced growth in my career as a content developer and social media manager, maybe not a tremendous fast-paced growth but yes there has been growth. There has been growth intellectually. I would give a bit of this to a dear friend ( Temidayo ) who has effortlessly inspired me to read more and be the better version of myself as well as U. U. for always cheering me on. The things I have been exposed to just by reading and having conversations with this fellow have been the highlight of my intellectual growth this year, amongst other things. Socially? Let’s just say the growth has been tremendous. Like, my name is being mentioned when there is a party coming up. How cool? lol...and I am loving every bit of it. It has been intentional though. Letting myself off the fence I built years ago has been intentional and I have no regrets at all.

I have experienced PAIN and TEARS. Both physical from really bad headaches to crazy painful cramps. You have no idea. I have had my teary moments too, most especially from a place of frustration and anger. I have been more pissed off at myself than ever this year. I have also felt pain for my dear country, Nigeria. The stories and issues have been worse really and sometimes, it just feels like we are heading nowhere. Seems like the country is stuck. I should write about this.

Can we talk about FRIENDSHIP? This has been one of the highlights of my 2019. I have met the coolest people in 2019 than I ever did. I would just say they are my special gifts from heaven. The best part has been knowing they are just as imperfect as I am. You know when you are making silly mistakes or already made one and you run to talk to your friend, but then they tell you how they have been there too and how they scaled through? Trust me, these moments have been the best for me. I really cannot thank them enough, but I am blessed to have them in my life.

There has been soul searching. I have been having more conversations with myself these last few months than ever. I can’t count the number of times I have sat alone in my room and imagined I have me sitting across the chair. There have been questions and questions. Some with answers and most of them, unanswered. I am my own cheerleader and my best motivation. How would I not talk to myself? How?

There has been laughter. The type that comes with tears and falling off the chair. Trust me, there has been laughter and all of those moments are unforgettable and would forever be cherished.

Did I mention the joy of trying out new things and actually seeing it come to life? I have taken some bold steps this year and seen positive results. I started a podcast, UNSCRIPTED, THE PODCAST. In all honesty, this has not been so consistent just like my articles too, but I push myself every chance I get to put my voice out there. I have tried out saving 40% of my monthly income too and it has been splendid. I had my first radio interview as a guest this year with CityFM in Lagos. I established new friendships myself. Yes, I slid into DMs on social media myself. Weird right? Life is too short. Why not roll with people I admire?

This year, I chose not to love from a distance. I am choosing to love right now, at the moment, with the people I truly admire.

Gosh, It’s been a crazy year for me.

I have made mistakes. I have beaten myself so hard. I have given myself a pat on my back. I have pushed myself. I have loved and still love myself. I have made friends with my mind and my body. I have danced a lot. I have gone on more personal dates with myself. I have woken up on some days feeling like I shouldn’t be living, yet trusting God that better days are just a step away. I have allowed love into my heart. I have had to deal with the hurt I let in and the consequences of my decisions.

There are of course other things that happened throughout the year I would love to share and I really do not mean to cut them off but there’s just so little space.

The best part is, I am still here, alive, strong, healthy and bold enough to keep going.

Would I have things repeat themselves exactly the same way? Yes, Yes.

So currently, I am choosing to live each day one moment after the other. No matter what happens, I know it’s all a part of the story. I have God and me. That is all that truly matters after all!

Want to see more of what I have been up to? Click here.

Don’t forget to applaud if you’ve picked up a thing or two from this read. :)

I love to talk and write, and this is my perfect space. Wanna talk? Send a mail- precious.bekha@gmail.com

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