An Open Letter To My Future Husband

I won’t need to teach you how to love me, because loving me will make you happy.

Dear …………,
(I’ll be back to fill in a name someday)

With every dawn of a new day, I wake up thanking God over and over again for blessing me with your existence.

I try to hide the tears of joy every time I stop to think of how much you’ve been a gift to me. The very little things you do always bring the best smiles to my face.

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Babe, I love how you wake me up with kisses on my forehead. I love how you tickle me with kisses every morning so I wake up on time to go to work. I love how you make breakfast for us because you know how crazy it is every morning to wake up our two munchkins, bath them and get them set for school.

Even when you’re out on a trip, you still wake me up with a voice note of kisses and sweet words. I don’t know how you do it and never miss a day despite the fact that we have been married for years.

I love how you allow us to talk about everything and anything no matter how uncomfortable it might be. I love how you let me rest when I’m having my mood swings again and then wait for me to get better before asking how my day was.

You are not perfect but you are perfect enough for me.
You are not “extremely handsome” but you are too handsome for me.
Your fart smells like a “baby poo” all the time, but I wouldn’t have it any other way because I always pay back…lol..
You are not 100% wealthy but you provide enough to keep the family going.
You are not 100% romantic all the time, but that’s why I’m here to complement you.
You don’t always say the perfect words to make me happy, but you know the right words to say to get me back.

Babe, I love you for being the man who leads the family to prayer and fellowship with God most times, even during the days when I’m too weak to do anything.

My king, My friend, My lover, My baby boo, My chicken and chips, My forever boyfriend, My everything, and more, thanks for not choosing anyone else, rather you chose me to live forever with.

Today and Forever:

I promise to love you even in your dark and bright days.

I promise to inspire and motivate you as much as I can.

I promise to be there for you when you need a helper.

I promise to always make you filled with my

I promise to listen when you’re ready to talk about issues.

I promise to keep your fire burning with “hot sexy …..” whichever way we agree to do it.

I promise to annoy you and still brighten your world.

I promise to be the best wife you can ever have and the best mother to our amazing kids.

Baby, I am committed to loving you till our last breath.

Love always,
Your Favorite Girl In The World.

To lots of kisses and fights…..

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